Suspense and excitement are supplied in large amounts, with murderers hiding around every corner.

Colin Piwtorak, The Daily


In The Playhouse

Sherlock Holmes and the American Problem
(Canadian Premiere)

By R. Hamilton Wright
Directed by Mark Bellamy

The year is 1887, the occasion is Queen Victoria’s Jubilee, and American performer Anne Moses (a.k.a. Annie Oakley) needs the help of the World’s Greatest Detective.  But the simple case of a missing brother quickly leads to extraordinary inventions, robbery, and murder.  Directed by former Vertigo Artistic Director Mark Bellamy, join us for this Canadian premiere.

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Cast List

sherlock holmes

Braden Griffiths


the pinkerton

Graham Percy


mycroft holmes/solomon moses

Nathan Schmidt

john watson

Curt McKinstry


charlotte lichter/maggie malloy

Arielle Rombough


major ramsey/dubby conroy

Kevin Rothery


Kathryn Kerbes


phoebe anne moses

Charlie Gould


arnold crofters/american ambassador/red hook boyle/captain fleming/ensemble

Devon Dubnyk

Creative Team


R. Hamilton Wright


set & lighting DESIGNER

David Fraser


fight director

Laryssa Yanchak



Mark Bellamy


costume DESIGNER

Deitra Kalyn



Ruby Dawn Eustaquio


Assistant director

John Knight


composer/sound designer

Andrew Blizzard



Catherine Rouleau