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Audition Notice: THE HOLLOW

Audition Notice: THE HOLLOW

The Hollow by Agatha Christie

Directed by: Jan Alexandra Smith


Audition Date: March 22, 2016

Production Dates: October 18, 2016- December 11, 2016

Deadline to Submit: March 17 @ 5PM MST, 2016


Only Alberta Based Actors will be considered


Submissions by email only:

Resumes & Headshots MUST be in PDF or JPEG Format. Please label your Headshot & Resume with your full name and use "The Hollow Audition Submission" in the subject line of your email.



Late 20s/ Early 30s

She is warm hearted, practical, no nonsense and a very nice young woman.  Neatly dressed but not well off.  Frugal, direct, well educated and well mannered but not affected. Predisposed toward cheerfulness and optimism.  Her one sadness is an unrequited love for her cousin, Edward.  



Mid 30s to Early 40s

Gerda is ungenerously described as having a pair of eyes like a puzzled cow.  Timid and bewildered, she is often described as lacking intelligence and is most definitely deferential to her dynamic doctor of a husband, John, who is such a bully at times that Gerda suffers mild abuse as a result of her devotion to him.  She is generally insecure but capable of the occasional burst of confidence when she feels comfortable in the presence of certain people. 



Mid 30s to Early 40s

Glamorous, poised, stunningly beautiful and well aware of it. Self centred, selfish, vain and bold.  She is a female version of Gerda’s egotist husband with whom she had a relationship 10 years earlier and whom she wants to seduce back. Hollywood movie star, though originally from England, so dialect is required