Tyrell Crews in DEATHTRAP. Costumes by Hanne Loosen. Diane + Mike Photography

Tyrell Crews in DEATHTRAP. Costumes by Hanne Loosen. Diane + Mike Photography

CallinG ALl PLaywrights!

Vertigo Theatre invites proposals from playwrights residing in Canada for new plays from the mystery genre. We are dedicated to the revitalization, diversification and expansion of the mystery theatre genre, and we are searching for writers and theatre makers who are excited by the genre’s potential. Proposals will be chosen based on how closely they align with Vertigo’s core values which include excellence, collaboration and accessibility.   

This year, we are specifically prioritizing the development of scripts that:

  • Are written by women, non-binary people, Indigenous people or people of colour

  • Casts of 6 and under.

We believe that the mystery genre is wide-ranging, and may be dramatic or comedic (or both) in nature. Acceptable sub-genres include (but aren’t limited to) who-dunnits, police procedurals, suspense, capers, thrillers, crime fiction, detective stories, true crime, noir, ghost stories, court room dramas, spy thrillers, horror, period mysteries and more. Vertigo is committed to investing in high calibre artistic creation; to developing vital artistic partnerships with a wide range of people, organizations, and disciplines; to engaging artists who prioritize and promote the value of art in our community; and to providing opportunities to folks who have been historically underrepresented in the mystery genre, in order to expand our community impact and artistic reach.

We are asking playwrights to submit a pitch for their play idea (1 page max). From this pool, five writers will be selected to write a treatment and will receive a payment of $500. From the five treatments, we will select at least one playwright to receive a full commission towards a production in a future season.

Applicants are welcome to reach out to Vertigo to discuss their proposal before submission. Proposals should include the following:

·      A pitch/project description (1 page max)

·      A letter of intent addressing your interest in Vertigo Theatre

·      Any ideas you might have for collaborators

·      Your bio/CV

 What we will provide to the writer selected for a full commission:

  • A commissioning fee (to be negotiated)

  • Dramaturgical support

  • A minimum of two script workshops with actors

  • Other developmental support as required (tied to the needs of your play, this may be in the form of design workshops, other types of research, or access to collaborators)

  • Tickets to Vertigo productions while you are in residence, and access to our facilities as needed

 Please consider Vertigo Theatre’s mission when developing your application:

 Our mission is to thrill, entertain and challenge by creating theatrical works of the highest calibre, that ignite the curiosity and imagination of our community. We are dedicated to the revitalization and evolution of the Mystery Theatre genre and to training and mentoring the next generation of arts leaders.

 Please direct all enquiries and proposals to Jenna Rodgers, Artistic Associate (artisticassociate@vertigotheatre.com) by March 15, 2019.